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If you’re reading this, please don’t kill yourself. I love you & I care.
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I love you all…

We Are Survivors

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I always looked up to you.
up to those big eyes
swimming with excitement
and pure joy
topped with a layer or chocolate icing.
up to that beautiful smile
that could have
lit the way for the homeless
to find their home.
up to those freckles
that mapped the universe.
I always looked up to you.

you were always what I yearned to be.
I yearned to be as happy
and to catch that excitement
swirling in those deep brown eyes.
because they always say
happiness is contagious.
so I always yearned to talk to you
in hopes that your happiness
would rub off
and turn my blue grey eyes
into light blues you’d be
surprised that you didn’t see any
big fluffy clouds in them.

little did I know that sadness
is as contagious
as happiness.
maybe I would have stayed away,
I could have saved you from
for the more words that spilled from my mouth,
stuttering and clumsily falling from my lips,
the sadness would jump from my syllables
and leap into those big eyes.
but when you talked,
your words diving off your tongue
your happiness sitting joyfully
on your syllables.

I know you must have tried to fight
this disease I never meant to give you.
I guess you lost because although
your happiness is large in numbers
and all of them equal in strength,
my sadness had nothing to loose.
I’m sad to say you never had a chance.
I should have never spoken a word.
never let a thought come from my
diseased mind.

now when I look up to those big eyes,
I see your mind at war,
bombs being dropped on your soul.
when I search for your smile,
I find your lips sewn tight
with the knowledge of how this disease spreads.
your freckles still map the universe, though.
I pray to a god I don’t believe in
that it means there’s still hope.

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